Best Practices for Testing Secure Applications for Embedded Devices

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This document serves two audiences:

  • Product managers needing cost-effective, value-add security.
  • Software engineers who may or may not know how to design and test for maximum security, but who can understand and apply the concepts when explained, and appreciate and recommend the Mocana solutions.


I wrote the Best Practices for Testing Secure Applications for Embedded Devices whitepaper to showcase the technical design and implementation of Mocana’s security products, educate potential buyers about security concepts, place Mocana products in context within the industry, and encourage traditional business-focused decision makers to engage their technical teams in the product selection process. This was one in a series of whitepapers for Mocana.


The primary challenges in writing this document were: (1) gaining a deep enough domain-level understanding to explain the subject thoroughly and precisely, and (2) providing sufficiently technical information to engineers while at the same time making the subject understandable and relevant for non-technical readers. Additionally, although I had a fair degree of control over the visual design elements, I was constrained by the requirement to be consistent with the existing marketing template and color palette, and therefore usability suffers at times. (For example, figure captions and sidebar text is smaller than I’d recommend, and white text in color graphics and light orange datasheet appendix headings adversely affect legibility.)


The final whitepaper accomplished all its goals and more. Not only is it still featured on the company’s website, it is available through numerous whitepaper collections. And, it won the award of Excellence in the Society for Technical Communication’s International Technical Publications Competition, 2009-2010.