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Word-authored PDF doc explaining Demand Limiting—automated load control strategies to manage peak energy demand and demand charges, which can reduce electricity bills—and how it works, how to configure and use it, and how to monitor and compare a facility’s energy usage to its configured Demand Limiting thresholds.

Visio diagrams depicting an as-built Java-based SaaS system’s architecture—both physical and logical.

FrameMaker-sourced PDF book describing all aspects of LocationLogic content: the many interfaces to it (GUI, database, API), how to use each interface, which content resides where, and most importantly, the content itself—what it represents and how and why to use it.

Whitepaper written to showcase the technical design and implementation of Mocana’s security products, educate potential buyers about security concepts, place Mocana products in context within the industry, and encourage traditional business-focused decision makers to engage their technical teams in the product selection process.

Internal procedure explaining how to create the product’s DoxyS-generated API Reference, from configuration to comment authoring to commands for creating the HTML output.

Brief guide explaining which document to start with (among many) when beginning a project, and where to find related information.

Non-technical user guide explaining how the Akuacom DRAS software system works, what utility events are, how to use the Akuacom DRAS software website to monitor and opt out of events, and how to set up contacts for Akuacom DRAS software notification email messages.

Internal TechPubs department procedure providing language-usage guidelines; intended to ensure consistency within a documentation set. (This version is a redacted, in-progress version.)

FrameMaker-sourced PDF document providing a list of terms and definitions relating to Autodesk® LocationLogic and related GIS and wireless industry terms.

Developer guide for which I provided technical editing and indexing expertise.