VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions Administrator’s and User’s Guide

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This guide tells system administrators and developers how to install Big Data Extensions within a VMware vSphere environment, and how to manage and monitor Hadoop and HBase clusters using the Big Data Extensions plug-in for vSphere Web Client. It is expected (and stated) that readers should already be familiar with VMware® vSphere®, and with Hadoop and HBase deployment and operation.

Visual Design (Look-and-Feel) Notes

The look-and-feel of this PDF document is entirely controlled by the VMware Information Development team and their Pubs Tools group. Individual writers cannot alter a document’s appearance. As is typical for DITA single-sourced documents, “good enough” PDF output is accepted, with full knowledge that table columns will be poorly wrapped, graphics’ alignment will be sub-optimal, and page breaks will be awkward. With the complex publishing toolchain that is required for content management and multi-channel output, such trade-offs are accepted. Such issues are generally not present in the more commonly-used HTML version.


My initial source material was a Word document authored by the development team, for whom English is a second language. As such, it took a tremendous amount of effort to bring it up to professional technical writing standards (and to the high quality that VMware docs are known for), and to convert it to topic-based, DITA content. At the same time, the product was evolving from its open source roots (project Serengeti) to a supported commercial offering. This document continues to be available on the VMware site, along with updates for newer versions of the software.

In addition to this PDF, the document is available in HTML, EPUB, and MOBI formats (see the VMware website).