Who is Write Quick, Inc.?


Write Quick, Inc. provides services for a wide variety of clients in the high technology industry, and all types of technical writing—API references, developer documentation, installation guides, user guides, online help, white papers, and websites.

Using an individual or team approach—whatever is best for your project—Write Quick gets your work done fast, efficiently, and with the highest possible quality.

Monique Semp photo Monique Semp, Principal, has more than 20 years of documentation and software experience. With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a strong interest in writing, she began her career as a software engineer writing PL/M and C code for automated train control (the “people movers” in airports), and the accompanying user manuals. Her later projects reflected evolving technology and trends, including object oriented programming, software process improvement, and usability design and analysis.

During the dot.com boom, Monique came to the Bay Area. She worked in the internet audio space where she increasingly focused on technical writing. In her next position she became an official API Writer, writing developer documentation for Java-based wireless applications. Looking for a greater variety of projects, Monique began Write Quick, Inc. in 2004.

When work is done, Monique and her husband Bill while away many an hour on the hiking trails, in their Petaluma flower and herb gardens, and cooking up many a tasty treat.

For a complete description of Monique’s skills and experience, please download her resumé or view her LinkedIn profile.

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